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Our company can look back to a long tradition. In the following we want to show you in chronological order your most important milestones.
We highlight a good and long business relationship. Therefore, we are still active in development and production of such segments, we stepped in years ago - as long as the segment has not been replace by new technologies (such as office machines).

Our Milestones

1970 Foundation – Production of windings and steerings for Grundig
1972 New building in Sulzbach-Rosenberg. Production of transformers for office machines, projectors, household appliance and aerospace technology and also lighting transformers for doll houses
1986 Expansion of the production area
1988 Full automatic 100% measurement of all relevant testing parameters
1990 Start of the  production in Thüringen – Complete production of model railway drive
1992 New building in Milz – Thüringen
1996 Expansion of the production area in Thüringen. Implementation of a full automatic impregnation system for polyester resin production of drive controllers for nearly all important model railway producers
2003 Implementation of measuring device for the inquiry of partial discharge between winding groups and also directly in the windings
2005 Start of production of coiled wires for the Airbus A380
2009 Implementation of switching power supply, which are conform to ecodesign requirements and can also  be certificated for toys