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“Franz Steger Transformatorenbau GmbH” founded in 1970 is an innovative, medium-sized and multipresent company in Germany. Huge experience and competence at the conception and production of coiled wire products made us to a reliable partner in the sector of aerospace-, household appliance- , electro- and toy industry.

Variable, automatic devices for creating coiled wires enable ideal fill factors and perfect wires even at smaller series. A variety of automated production installations allows a very efficient fabrication. The ways of impregnation we developed offer a total soak if needed, so we can ensure the freedom of partial discharge of the wires. Therefore highest possible operation voltages on smallest space are achievable.

Transformers and chokes can be found in the lighting devices of nearly all current airplanes of Airbus and Boing. Extra high demands on the inductivities were made of Airbus A380 and Boing Dreamliner 787.

Our transformers perform very well and without any problems in the devices of leading european producers even at high surrounding temperatures. The power range is from 1VA to 400VA.

Lighting transformers for Christmas cribs and doll houses delight a great number of little and big tinkerer each year.

We conceive electricity supply and mains adapters according to the customer's request with our partners in far east and get required approvals. Caused by the production in far east cheap prices are guaranteed. The power range is from 3W to 150W.

By the implementation of  mains adapters with low standby-power we also face up to the new EC Directives for eco-efficiency in the sector of toys.

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