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b_201_152_16777215_00_images_stories_produkte_impraegnierung_wickelgueter.jpgImpregnation technique, Partial discharge, Avionics

Winding materials for special applications need to fulfill highest requirements. For such special purposes, we offer:

  • Extremely high working voltage on smallest space by Super Impregnation
  • Long-term durability by impregnation and special test processes, such as the Partial discharge measurement
  • Many years of experience
  • Highly automated production for constant quality

Increase your outstanding product portfolio with our long-term experience,  our manufacturing and impregnation technique.


A small overview of our products that are used in all usual aircraft types, i.e. Airbus A380 and Boing Dreamliner 777, are listed in the register Avionics.


Grouting techniquevergusstechnik.jpg

The Grouting gives products an advantage regarding

  • moisture proofing,
  • insulation, as well as
  • heat dissipation.

Currently we use this technique for household appliances for heat dissipation and for avionics.

sonstige_wickelgueter.jpgWinding materials

Beside winding materials for aerospace, we produce several other winding materials for segments domestic appliances, drive engineering, and PCBs. Our production process is flexible towards our client's needs and requirements. We perform a customer-oriented manufacture using standard or custom-made coil formers.


einbautransformatoren.jpgAssembly transformers

Assembly transformers resp. winding materials are developed in partnership with the customers to achieve an optimal design and the required parameters. Particularly our assembly transformers are used in the following areas:

  • household appliances
  • propulsion technology
  • lighting technology
  • general usage
  • devices for the USA
  • flat modules

steckernetzteile.jpg Power devices

For Power supplies and devices we can offer the following solutions:

  • general power supplies
  • model railroads
  • toys outdoor – IP67
  • medical technology

beleuchtungstrafo.jpg Lighting transformers

Our Lighting transformers can be used for the following scope:

  • doll houses
  • christmas cribs
  • model railroads

All products consider the special, legal regulations. In the area of doll houses and model railroads are these tighter requirements regarding safety and pollutants.


kabel.jpgPower cords, tailored conductions

  • power connection conductions for devices
  • low voltage conductions
  • manufactured conductions according to the customers' request (e.g. special legal requirements)


fahrregler.jpgModel railroad throttles

Beside power supplies for model railroads we offer

  • throttles, and
  • accessory

in the area of model railroads an other appliances.



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